Walk of Life Workshops & Training

in non-stylised and environmental movement

with Helen Poynor RDMP, RSMTsm (ISMETA)

Extend your movement experience and refresh your professional practice moving in response to inspiring landscapes on the Devon/Dorset coast.

Autumn Reflections October 25 -26th

Movement Ritual Explorations November 22 – 24th

Walk of Life Training

Applications for 2014 – 2015 Training now being considered

The Walk of Life Training attracts regional, national and international participants from a wide range of movement backgrounds.  It consists of three 5 day intensive sessions in autumn, winter, and spring/summer combined with ongoing personal practice.

The training is grounded in an experiential understanding of the structure of the body, an awareness of the relationship between the moving body and the self, and of the responsive inter-relationship between body, earth, self and environment.  In a process which unfolds over time each participant is supported to follow the evolution of their movement practice within the context of the group.  This approach fosters an embodied sense of presence in daily life and in performance.

The grounding principles are explored in the studio and in the inspiring environments of the Jurassic Coast in South West UK.  Movement scores are used as springboards into motion, awakening vitality and heightening awareness. The natural environment becomes both partner and teacher.  The changing seasons, weather and tides present continual challenges, each element stimulates different experiences and elicits a different range of movement qualities and skills.

Non-stylised and Environmental Movement

Walk of Life Training Programme October 2014 – May 2015

Call 01297 20624 for brochure or see


Body Mapping for Women

with Annette Schwalbe

To feel, touch and sink into the feminine body.  To draw, paint and give shape to the stories that we live in our bodies.  To mark and uncover the places that pain and the places that hold potential and joy. To create organic connections and nurture the creative power within.

All Body Mapping Intensives and the Mentorship take place in Bristol and within an intimate group setting which enables each woman to fully take her place and space whilst being safely held and accompanied on her unique journey.

Body Mapping Mentorship: For women therapists, facilitators and artist with Body Mapping experience -  September 2014 – June 2015

Autumn Intensive: Gathering Deep Nurture for the Winter to ComeDate TBA

For further information and registration: 07598937204 / 01373 812091





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