Dance Of Awareness

Facilitated by Clare Osbond.

Dance of Awareness™ is a movement practice based on the phases of early development, integrating early somatic patterns into consciousness.
Responding to impulses, we can discover old patterns and limitations held in the body-mind relating to our formative years. By paying attention to these patterns and allowing them to move, we can give them life, allow them to express themselves and set them free, creating new possibilities for being, moving and relating.
In this workshop we will work both on our own, and with supporting and being supported by others, with an emphasis on always staying ‘in tune’ with yourself. Music is an important element of the process guiding you through the energetic cycle – sensing, grounding, expressing, releasing, connecting, completing. Throughout the cycle we stay aware of breath and body awareness to ground our experience.

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When: Sunday, 1st February 2pm to 5.30pm
Where: The Place, Euston Road, London
Cost: £65/£35




The Professional Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy in the United Kingdom.

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